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Clients frequently use me as their "last line of defence" before their document is sent out into the big wide world. 

As a reviser, I’m here to catch not only spelling and grammar errors, but also false friends, mixed metaphors, and other common traps that translators fall into. Naturally, I'll be on the lookout for mistranslations, but I'll refrain from messing around with the translation without good reason. 

Revision has accounted for a bigger proportion of my work in recent years. My CPD therefore focuses heavily on keeping my copyediting and proofreading skills in tip-top condition.

If you need a reliable second pair of eyes to check a translation, give me a buzz.

"Beth is a highly reliable translator, has shown excellent attention to detail and proved to be a very thorough, responsive and professional linguist in all the projects she has completed for us."

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